In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a young teenager at the time it felt as if my world was falling apart. During her treatment she lost her hair and her eyebrows got thinner, and she often mentioned how she wished she knew how to fill in her eyebrows and do her makeup to look less sick. When she lost her hair, I saw how much it affected her confidence. Not just because it was her hair, but because she didn't like that people would look at her differently. She is as stubborn as one can be and refuses to let anyone tell her what to do or how to feel. So it is safe to say she owned her bald look like a queen. Luckily the treatment worked and to this day she is well and healthy. However, that period of my life has deeply affected me. The feeling of not knowing how to help was incredibly frustrating, so when I became a licensed makeup artist in 2014 I started looking for ways to use the knowledge I had gained in order to help. I started working as a volunteer for Look Good Feel Better, and then it hit me. I started writing down my ideas, and during my research I started reading about Alopecia which I had never heard about. It became clear that hair loss was happening to a lot more people, not only cancer patients. I realised that the impact of losing hair affects women’s self confidence across the world. Fashionabald has been two years from the initial idea to the making, but here it is! The website and Youtube channel is my way of sharing the knowledge I have gained about makeup and styling with strong women like my mom, who are looking for tips and tricks. I hope that the information encourages hope and confidence to anyone who finds it useful. Personal statement